A rockin’ concoction of Rock, Folk, Country, Reggae, Irish, Swing, Classics and everything else under the sun...

Big Medicine just plain loves playing music together and it shows! With their honeyed vocals, supple r&b and folk rock grooves and rich acoustic-based textures, this group has been exciting audiences in the Capital District and beyond for about six years now. Led by the ever popular Jeff Walton on vocals, guitar, and harmonica and includes his wife Becky with vocals that will send shivers up and down your spine, Tim Wechgelaer on the sweetest violin and vocals you’ll ever hear, Rick Bolton singing and twanging the tastiest of guitar and Arlin Greene and Mike Lomaestro holding it all down on the bass and drums.

A healthy dose of originals, seductive renditions of songs by others and unbridled creative energy are great reasons to check out Big Medicine.

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